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Steve Dublin

We welcome all Mitsubishi L200 models Single, Club & Doublecabs - All owners, anywhere in the World.
The Mitsubishi L200 has been with us for 37 years, it has been voted Best Pick-up many times.

Pick-Ups were once the preserve of builders, workmen and farmers, used solely for getting the job done. These days, they're still getting the job done but, are being marketed as lifestyle vehicles, vehicles to work from during the week and use like a estate car at the weekends.
The L200 has proved capable both on and off road and comes with high equipment levels and cabin comfort on a par with many passenger cars. The L200 is spacious, comfortable, safe and nowadays fairly quick.

Total donations to charity by the Mitsubishi L200 Owners Club (Since 2007) - 20,469

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