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Title: Milners glow plugs !!!!!!!
Post by: marvin on 03 December, 2019, 01:38:57 AM
hi there all
i am the owner of a 2007 L200 4th generation.
this is a bit of a warning for anyone fitting new glow plugs to their truck !!!!
i did a major overhaul of my engine in August and put a set of milners glow plugs in .
the 1st major test of the winter was on Saturday last , full frost over the truck.
no problem i thought WRONG.....
the truck eventually started loads of blue smoke !!!!
no probs starting the rest of the day.
anyroad tested the busbar on the plugs -- no reading !! so i made to remove the glow plugs
all had exploded in the same way , so i rang Milners.
straight away the lad said no problem we'll refund your money ,
i said you can send me another set of plugs and he said no no you just get yourself some glow plugs from your local motor factors !!!

So do i smell a lot of complaints for this item ???

as i've said no complaints with how i was treated by milners just i thought i would share this experience.
guess i'll fit my new Bosh glow plugs in the morning!!!!!!

Title: Re: Milners glow plugs !!!!!!!
Post by: douchecalamondaes on 03 December, 2019, 03:56:20 AM
yup  they are no good, had the same with the classics,

on the classics the glows are powered for 180secs even after engine starting, which is enough to kill the cheap brands,  its likely the new shapes have a similar feature,,

NGK  are the only ones that are garunteed to last

Title: Re: Milners glow plugs !!!!!!!
Post by: Supersnail on 03 December, 2019, 21:51:47 PM
Yep my experience exactly, fitted NGK years ago and still going strong.