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Title: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 20 May, 2020, 19:57:37 PM
Hi guys I’ve got an issue with my L200, 67k miles. Today it decided to loose power. The throttle seems very slow to react to inputs. If I give it full power it takes a few seconds to start to accelerate. It’s very laggy so to speak. It happened before but a quick blast up the road and it seemed to get back to normal. I kind of think it’s a sticking egr valve? Does this sound feasible? Thanks in advance for any replies

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 20 May, 2020, 20:01:48 PM
Forgot to mention on the short drive I did to the shops it averaged 20mpg where it’s normally mid 30s

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: rodeast24 on 21 May, 2020, 20:34:37 PM
It could be a multitude of things, so the best cause of action is to get it plugged in the diagnostics and see what it says, VVT could be carboned up, boost sensor problem, fuel filter clogged up,  throttle pertentometer,

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 23 May, 2020, 02:29:54 AM
Thanks for the reply. I had the AA take a look at it and do a diagnostic check. This is the reply.
trol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control - 52V / Diesel CR/EDC 2.0U1102 - CAN signal from ESP control unit. Error Message : No signal or signal not valid.U1101 - CAN bus gearbox control unit. Error Message : CAN data bus timeout.Carry out inspection, read fault codes, advice given Unable to delete multiple can communication fault codes, further investigation required, no lack of power at present, ok to drive until repair with no lack of power or misfire

The AA guy said the software on the van couldn’t delete multiple codes and should take it to main dealers. Difficult at the moment under current pandemic. Long waiting list.

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 23 May, 2020, 02:32:38 AM
Forgot to mention car seems to be back to normal but there is obviously still the underlying issue

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: rodeast24 on 23 May, 2020, 14:38:22 PM
Sounds like it is going into limp mode, Yes you need to get it on dealer diagnostic to delete everything then see what come up as non historical

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: thewall on 23 May, 2020, 20:08:23 PM
I had the same code U1101 found this info   http://faq.out-club.ru/download/l200_2006/maintenance/Service_Manual_2007/2007/13/html/M113350880009500ENG.HTM

Had trouble finding any info for this code as when it was cleared the EML came back on after 2 mins,i sent mine to a specialist to try and clear the code they had a primary look with the idea that i sent it in for a full look in a few days, but the light never came back on so i just left it at that.

Anyway this might not be related, a month later i was having water issues and 6 months down the line the head gasket was gone, so just incase keep an eye on your water levels.

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 23 May, 2020, 20:29:50 PM
Thanks for the reply guys, I’ll get it looked at. The first power loss happened 10 days after buying from a dealer and they said they will also do a diagnostic test. Trouble is it’s 140 miles away🙄.
Thanks again 👍

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: rodeast24 on 23 May, 2020, 22:28:20 PM
The dealer is responsible for the problem after just 10 days,, make sure you have logged the problem with him, and make him aware of it.

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 24 May, 2020, 00:26:39 AM
I’ve called him and they said initially that it sounds like I’ve put cheap supermarket fuel in and that’s the cause. They would send a lorry to collect the car. If it was the fuel then he said that was my responsibility and I’d have to cover the cost of transport and their mechanics time. If another issue then they would cover it. That’s when I called the aa and they said wasn’t bad fuel as would of been a spike or dip in pressure recorded to view with diagnostic. I informed the dealer of this and he now said I need to drop the car to them. I’ve booked it in to local Mitsubishi for full diagnostic before I take it back so can’t bullpooe me and fob me off. I bought car in March but due to lock down have hardly used it (700 miles maybe) . I’m expecting the dealer to say i need to leave the car with them and won’t be able to get back home will be next issue. I won’t be negative though as they said they will look at it but I want to be armed with a bit more info.
Thanks for replies peeps👍👍

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Nooks on 24 May, 2020, 03:04:29 AM
Just before you go to lots of trouble, its not something like a loose gearbox connector is it?

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 24 May, 2020, 05:03:54 AM
To be honest I’ve had no spare time as we had our first baby in January so I sold my van to buy L200 as had isofix and rear seats. I spent the money hoping I wouldn’t have to work on the car bar general servicing.
Thanks again for replies guys👍

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 02 June, 2020, 22:00:04 PM
Bit of an update for anyone interested. Took it to a diesel specialist and he put it on his diagnostic and he said he couldn’t really tell what the issue was and suggested the main dealer. He didn’t charge me as was having a quick look as a favour. Took it to the main dealer and they told me that
1- the car has incomplete dpf regenerations and high oil dilution.
2-engine needs small injector lean procedure
3-asc/abs fault with can communication and f1 abs sensor.

The fitter basically said the car is stuck in the middle of a regen and has had a ‘wobbly’. He said all codes would need zero’ing and car should have a forced regen then change the oil. He said the injectors are a little loud due to lean procedure needing doing. The loss of power and low mpg is probably the car trying to regen and squirt more fuel in to get dpf hot. Abs issue is something else though.

Thanks for reading. Info emailed to dealer

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: rodeast24 on 05 June, 2020, 02:19:14 AM
1 Try disconnecting the battery and put the plus lead to earth to drain the ecu of mili voltages, ,  2 The learn proceeder normally only gets done when you change the fuel pressure sensor or fuel pressure valve

Title: Re: 2013 power loss
Post by: Kipsy on 05 June, 2020, 15:00:03 PM
Thanks for reply. Car is at the dealers so I’ll see what the result is when it comes back.