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19 August, 2017, 19:38:41 PM

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 on: Today at 19:36:47 
Started by Momos - Last post by MWood
Yea, lift up the carpets,
I think there are 6 bolts that hold the double cab to the chassis and there are only 4 for the pickup back.

Have a search round on the forum I think it maybe in the 'blogs' section.
Fairly sure that it was Spoots, Lurch or Dazz66 that made a step by step topic for fitting a lift kit, plenty of pics and the best way to actually lift the body to keep it straight!

 on: Today at 19:21:02 
Started by greenyboy36 - Last post by MWood
Is it a Mitsi factory canopy or an after factory like a truckman?

 on: Today at 19:17:31 
Started by MWood - Last post by MWood
Hey guys,
Well its getting to that time of the year where the old gal goes in for her mot....

I noticed this last year well before her last mot but never got round to looking for the problem!
Any how she went through her mot last year with the usual advisories, wheel bearings, LED lights etc.

As you drive down the road and look in the wing mirrors you notice that the tub rattles around a bit (more than normal), sways back and forth on bumps and whatnot.
So after more than a year of being aware of this i decided to give it a good dose of inspecting and see what the problem is!

Turns out both front tub mounts are rotten through pretty much to nothing and the n/s/r tub mount is not far from giving out!
So ive been and put a ratchet strap round the front cross bar on the tub and down to the chassis to hold the tub down for now  Wink 
(not sure if this is a suitable fix for its mot Huh  it is a 5t strap though  Grin)

Dunno if the tub being fixed down is an mot requirement or it was overlooked (probably the latter  Grin) but it will be hard to miss the ratchet strap this time round!
On the upside all the support blocks in the middle are sound, probably because they seem to be 1/4" plate steel not tissue paper like the mounts are were made of!

On a side note:
If you remember last year i was in the process of getting plans passed for a new house! Got them passed last back end and the build started in Feb this year! WOOHOO
The new house is going along great, kit is up, blockwork is nearly finished and the chimneys are just about finished too! Roof and guttering are done, 1st fix elec went in a month ago. I'm about to make a start on the 1st fix plumbing the end of this month!
The builders should get it harled (rendered) before the winter too Grin
So hoping for mid next year to be in the new house then i get to have some fun with the JCB as the clapped out cottage i'm in atm needs to be rubble! (its not far off rubble now, the paper mache, poster paint and fairy liquid bottles are now load bearing supports)

Which leads me to the next point of call:
The chassis looks too far gone for me to arc weld new mounts too,
i doubt there would be much left if i ground back to get in with my tig,
I really don't want to spend the money having someone else fix it,
It will be replaced eventually but i still need it to be 'functional' as a work horse as i can't afford to do that just yet (house priority),
there was no resale value left in her when bought in late 2013...

So i'm thinking about going Beverly Hillbilly on her ass!
Pull the tub and canopy off, chuck the lot in the scrap and make a timber and angle pickup bed!

Sounding like a plan peeps?
ideas and input welcome before i go all Deliverance with the grinder!

Ps. Photobucket blocked my account for... Using their image hosting website to... wait for it... Host images!  Huh Huh
Photos will be taken as usual and i shall get them posted somehow (maybe a new photobucket account!  Grin)

 on: Today at 16:29:51 
Started by lynsey444 - Last post by Supersnail
Put the thermostat in a pan of cold water and heat it up and see if it opens.

 on: Today at 09:15:59 
Started by 1mjanus - Last post by 1mjanus
Brilliant! Thanks chaps. We're planning to spend a month in Cornwall so looking into transporting literally half the house down there for a spell. Got a 2 yo who doesn't travel light! Just looking into stuff now but I expect the boot will be off limits for bikes given all the stuff we have to carry. The roof bars maybe the way to go.

 on: Today at 08:51:33 
Started by greenyboy36 - Last post by greenyboy36

The locking system on my rear canopy/hardtop seems to have chucked it, I've stripped it and had a look the key is just spinning in the barrel,any idea where I can get a new handle including the barrel. The handle is the elongated type the hardtop is the "ultimate" model supplied with the 2006 onwards models.


 on: Yesterday at 20:36:05 
Started by chris longstaff - Last post by Heathen
Cool - think I'll check that on mine too Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 19:21:21 
Started by chris longstaff - Last post by chris longstaff
Hello got pickup started today it was the fuel stop solenoid took plunger out the solenoid and truck started.Will order a new one.

 on: Yesterday at 13:57:55 
Started by whitegold - Last post by whitegold
Today decided to strip off the inlet manifold, and of course the blockage in the MANIFOLD is extreme - looks like major restriction on cyls 3&4.
Having spent a happy few hours on google looking for step-by-step, Manifold Cleaning - it turns out there are a few already published on Aussie sites and for Tritons/Pajeros etc.
However, there's just about zero mentioned about decoking the inlet PORTS in the head, several are as badly clogged up as the manifold.
There is mention of thorough EGR cleaning for some other makes - much of which is fairly dubious IMHO.

I'm proposing to clean the cylinder head PORTS with their respective inlet valves shut:
Therefore when Cyl 1 at TDC and compression - means Inlet valves for cyls 1 and 2 will be closed and can be brushed/poked cleaned with airline / vacuum to remove all debris.
Then rotate engine 360deg so cyl 4 at TDC compression so inlet valves for cyls 3 & 4 will now be closed for cleaning.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's tips in this area. I realise the accepted wisdom is probably going to be "take the head off" but I would rather have a go without quite so much spanner work.

Manifold is now cleaned out - the procedure involved flames and heat - extremely satisfying for me, but less so for my neighbours, due to the large cloud of unpleasant smoke which lingered in our back yard.
Some pictures of the blockage- the final one sports a plastic jug almost full of the ash which remained after the incendiary event  Cool

 on: 17 August, 2017, 22:03:08 PM 
Started by lynsey444 - Last post by lynsey444
Hi my radiator is hot at the bottom and cold half way up to the top its overheating slightly under load and high speed does this mean my rad is blocked

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