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22 August, 2019, 08:30:21 AM

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 on: 28 July, 2019, 11:26:58 AM 
Started by Dmb74 - Last post by Dmb74
Around 18 months ago we purchased a 2008 Mitsubishi L200 Diamond showing 180000 miles on the clock. Prior to us buying the truck, it had the four injectors re-condoned and apparently coded to the ECU. All was perfect for the first week or so then the truck went into limp mode showing the DTC P0093 Ďlarge fuel leakí. The code was cleared but came back 2 miles later. All fuel lines were checked, no leaks. Oil level checked and monitored, on increase in level. Fuel filter changed, but the fault returned after a short while. The following day the code was cleared and never returned.......

17 months and 9000 miles of trouble free driving, the fault has now decided to reappear. It is intermittent as I can clear the code and all will be well for sometimes a day, sometimes an hour. I have gone through all the previous checks, all ok. I have swapped the Suction Control Valve with our other L200 and the fault remains on the same vehicle, so ruled out the valve.

Has anyone else had the same issue and found a solution? We have two identical trucks, so swapping parts isnít an issue, just donít particularly want to swap injectors as they are a pain to get to.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

 on: 27 July, 2019, 12:53:41 PM 
Started by Smokedude - Last post by Smokedude
Well it got my MOT Grin
Few proviso though Embarrassed
Think its time for an up grade  Cry

 on: 26 July, 2019, 11:39:52 AM 
Started by HarryTheB - Last post by barnstormer
Maybe time to read the fault codes - no fancy code reader required.

 on: 25 July, 2019, 16:18:10 PM 
Started by HarryTheB - Last post by HarryTheB
Hi, I have a 2004 l200. I have had many EML problems over the years most all of which have been resolved with help from this group (thanks). The latest problem is a bit of a baffler. The EML light just never goes out. I have reset it (by disconnecting the battery) but to no avail. There is no loss of power and no other signs. The vacuum is fine. Is there a relay/switch that needs to close initially to put the light out? When it initially happened I thought I hear a funny noise from the E8T101 engine control relay in the passenger foot-well. but, I am presuming if this is defunct it probably wouldn't start. That said I presume there are several switches in the relay so could just be one of them that's dicky. I would appreciate your help.

 on: 25 July, 2019, 09:42:04 AM 
Started by suffolk yokel - Last post by suffolk yokel
Hello Marvin,

The dealer who sold me the car thought changing the disc might solve the problem but in my case it didn't. He also swapped the disc drive with no result. I've either got a hardware problem (eg remote control not working) or a system software problem (no picture of any kind on the display).
I've looked at the site you've found and they are selling data discs, in other words a disc with all the street maps on it in a Mitsubishi format. The disc is very unlikely to have the navigation unit software on it as that is proprietary information that Mitsubishi will not release. I've contacted Mitsubishi through my local main dealer and they no longer support this sat-nav system; you can't buy new spares for it and they won't help with fault finding. ( One good thing that came out of the trip to the dealer was that I found there was an outstanding recall on my car to have the drivers airbag updated, it's being done on Monday free of charge so I'll not condemn Mitsubishi support too much).
If you do go ahead with purchasing the disc, contact the website first and get an assurance from them that there's a chance it will have more than just the street map data on it. If it doesn't contain any operating software it's not going to help get the system going.
However - some companies include a time limit on their software to get you to buy a new update - it's how software companies get their profit (eg Wndows 3 through to Windows 10, built-in obsolescence), so maybe there's a "key" on the new disc that will get the system going again for a few years? the only way to find out is to ask before you spend any money.
I've still got my own peculiar problem in that I don't have a remote control receiver to get any commands into the system to turn it on, Mitsubishi either don't have any or will not sell me one. Still messing around in the garage with some electronics to solve this. I'll keep you posted.

 on: 24 July, 2019, 21:09:23 PM 
Started by suffolk yokel - Last post by marvin
hi there Yokel !!! still away but bin looking at a site that sells update discs , have you seen it Huh
just thort it may solve our problem Huh
£29.99 for the disc seems to have good reports !!!!

 on: 23 July, 2019, 16:05:23 PM 
Started by nick bald - Last post by nick bald
Hi Chris
   Thanks very much for the offer but I live in Glenlivet northeast Scotland.
   It's to far to travel.
   Thanks again

 on: 22 July, 2019, 22:08:54 PM 
Started by hugmeister - Last post by douchecalamondaes
Yes, sorry by auto hubs I mean the standard locked ones,

Does the front actuator need to stay locked or unlocked, I am going to unplug the whole vac system so it is not used, only the hubs so I think the front actuator should be locked at all times?

yes disconnect all vac and the front diff will auto lock up,  if you disconnect the plug down by the vacuum can, the flashy light will stop too.

remember, even with hubs in 4 and diff locked, if the stick is still in 2H you will still be in 2H....  basically the vac systems pointless Grin

 on: 22 July, 2019, 20:19:05 PM 
Started by Chris Site Founder - Last post by Chris Site Founder
You should have received the manual - if not by tomorrow I'll get him to send another.

Filters - Oil and fuel - can you sent the codes off your please, so I can match against what I have - FREE if you collect !


 on: 22 July, 2019, 20:17:12 PM 
Started by nick bald - Last post by Chris Site Founder
The OC has a NS front wing - brand new in primer
Free - just come and get it


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