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19 January, 2018, 13:16:36 PM

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 on: 07 January, 2018, 17:02:01 PM 
Started by Mark. 125 - Last post by Mark. 125
Hi guys new to the l200 thing have just picked a 2006 4life to use as a daily/tow vhecial for my project car, so it needs new front disc's and pad to keep a quick look the other day would I be correct in thinking there just like a van/can just pull the caliper carrier off and then the disc should come straight off with a little bit of persuasion, if so are they known to get sized and am I likely to need a puller.

Thanks in advance

 on: 07 January, 2018, 14:18:17 PM 
Started by TO123 - Last post by TO123
Well spotted. L200, 4Life, Double cab, 2005, 2.5TD, 4WD, K74T, 4D56

 on: 07 January, 2018, 13:42:32 PM 
Started by TO123 - Last post by 123hotchef
ON what?

 on: 07 January, 2018, 11:51:57 AM 
Started by Alec69 - Last post by Alec69
thanks mate,yeah no air airbag on early classics,thanks for the reply


 on: 07 January, 2018, 11:13:23 AM 
Started by TO123 - Last post by TO123
My brakes are failing – pedal hard to press and very little stopping power. Any thoughts please – I think it’s the Booster or Check Valve ?
Fault was intermittent at first – press pedal once and all was fine. Press pedal then immediately press again and fault appeared on second press. Press pedal, wait 30 seconds or so, press again and all fine. Now the problem is permanent.
(Pedal is free and clear of obstruction. Pads and discs are excellent condition and free of contamination. Callipers are free to move on sliding pins, and pistons move freely. No visible fluid leaks or loss. No discernible air leaks. Everything ‘looks’ fine. Plenty of vacuum from pump (recent new alternator/pump). Perhaps the new pump overwhelmed the diaphragm - perhaps coincidence ? I’m pressing the correct pedal…
Any other thoughts, checks or tests that I could carry out ?
(I live overseas – plenty of knowledge around but no spare parts, so trying my utmost to check everything out before ordering parts which won’t arrive till April).

 on: 07 January, 2018, 11:11:51 AM 
Started by TO123 - Last post by TO123
Anyone know where I might be able to buy a NEW Brake Booster; Part MR449474 ?
Also looking for the vacuum hose which incorporates a check-valve. Same question, and anyone know the part number ?
(Can only find second hand items online, and as I live overseas and the next ship arrives in April I don’t want to risk receiving a defective used item).
Both for an L200, 2005, 2.5TD, 4WD, K74T, 4D56
(My next post addresses the symptoms)

 on: 06 January, 2018, 23:25:54 PM 
Started by Blairl200 - Last post by douchecalamondaes
200nm for the big nut on a new shape

 on: 06 January, 2018, 20:43:03 PM 
Started by Blairl200 - Last post by 123hotchef
I think he might have a New Shape L200. helps if these muppets put what vehicle they need help with

 on: 06 January, 2018, 19:45:56 PM 
Started by chippy100 - Last post by chippy100
So far so good, cleaned the battery terminals and tightened the clamps as much as I could, starts Ok without cutting out. Sorting the glow plugs and relay tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all starts sweet. Thank you for all the comments, much appreciated

 on: 06 January, 2018, 17:18:51 PM 
Started by golfr617 - Last post by golfr617

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