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22 June, 2017, 15:10:49 PM

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 on: 18 June, 2017, 10:26:51 AM 
Started by LENNY L200 - Last post by LENNY L200
TWO PROBLEMS...HELP, PLEASE!..............

1. Suddenly have flashing 4wd green warning light on all the time, which normally is only on constantly, when 4wd hi or lo range are seleceted.
Any idea of what might be causing it / remedy??

2. Very late version of the non "fly-by-wire" mechanical diesel injection pump on the truck....It has a dripping leak, b ut appears to be losing fuel as mist, in the vinity too?!
Side of engine wet, with the drips after a few miles and drips on the ground,...but not a pool.
OHC /balance shaft belts uncontaminated, so front pulley/pump sell npt at fault and all exterior steel pipes and unions NOT leaking???.....Can only guess that it is a pump body gasket failed somewhere, or perhaps that the pump body has a split/crack?!
ANY IDEAS, OR things that I should try/test, BEFORE I have to revert to taking the whole pump/pipework off....and changing all the OHC/BALLANCE shaft belts, whilst I'm at it??!!.....

Many thanks form ANY help with these.


 on: 18 June, 2017, 08:46:46 AM 
Started by Craigsl200 - Last post by Supersnail
Doh! Lips sealed

 on: 17 June, 2017, 21:56:55 PM 
Started by Craigsl200 - Last post by Craigsl200
I've only got 1 pipe, and I've already blocked it off

 on: 16 June, 2017, 16:24:23 PM 
Started by Brp6183 - Last post by Brp6183
Hi this has probably been asked before, so I apologise if I'm repeating things.
every time I tie with my L200 and I hit a hill, the engine management light comes on and it goes into limp mode.
If I stop and turn off wait a mi ute and turn back on all goes back to normal till the next hill!
Can anyone give me any advise as to what might be causing this please

 on: 16 June, 2017, 14:48:31 PM 
Started by freddyuk - Last post by freddyuk
Screen washer not washing. I removed and checked the cable to the pump and getting 10.5volts at connector. So is that a wiring problem up at the switch? Doubt the pump will pump at this low voltage?

Well for anyone else that has a washer failure it may not be the column switch. I checked the pump direct of the battery and it was dead. I removed the tank and wiring. I removed the pump from the tank. I washed out the pump just to see what would come out which was a lot of rubbish. Then tested again and it worked. Replaced the pump and cleaned up connections.
Also rewired the headlight washers which failed many years ago. This wiring had corroded badly and caused a short so had been cut off.
All working now!

 on: 15 June, 2017, 17:47:28 PM 
Started by Craigsl200 - Last post by douchecalamondaes
only one pipe

 on: 15 June, 2017, 15:52:23 PM 
Started by Craigsl200 - Last post by Supersnail
Have you joined the two small vacuum pipes that go into the egr together?

 on: 14 June, 2017, 10:24:47 AM 
Started by Craigsl200 - Last post by Craigsl200
2002 4life 2.5 td

 on: 13 June, 2017, 23:34:45 PM 
Started by douchecalamondaes - Last post by douchecalamondaes
Air brakes? :)Mind you I run mine here in France at 3.5 (illegally) without problems, except the brakes catching fire going down the hill from home. Lips sealed

I am fitting the 312mm discs and calipers as part of the upgrade... if youve ever driven a landy... well L200's stop very well in comparison

 on: 13 June, 2017, 21:27:21 PM 
Started by pauljordanie - Last post by 123hotchef
or poly

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