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The L200 Website & Owners Club Mission Statement.

Why did I set up the Owners Club ?
I started the Website as non-commercial users were beginning to buy these so called 'Life-style' vehicles as a viable alternative to estate cars and other mainstream 4x4 vehicles. I, like many others, found there was little or no support for them - People were having problems with insurance, dealing with the VAT situation, servicing grey imports, where to actually use them  'off-road' and where to buy parts & accessories.
I felt that as a non-commercial user I was getting a poor deal - most insurance companies said they wouldn't insure me as it was a commercial vehicle never mind what I intended to use it for.
I hoped to -
Further interest in the Mitsubishi L200.
Provide web based discussions (at www.L200.org.uk).
Provide members with information, advice and assistance on matters connected with the Mitsubishi L200.
Arrange on and off-road events (non competitive), maintenance lectures/demonstrations, social and other meetings.
Afford members such benefits, discounts and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
And since 2007 - To support/donate to the Macmillan Cancer Support and Help4Heroes charities.

I see the site progressing into a kind of L200 Wikipaedia/Knowledgebase.

As the Owners Club membership has grown we are now able to get discounts on accessories and insurance (Up to 15% off with Adrian Flux).

Full site access is now FREE

Owners Club cards are required for discounts with our sponsors.


Owners Club card 2
Owners Club card & keyring 3
Owners Club card, keyring & mug 5
Thermal mug costs on request.

No record of membership will  be recorded - it will be up to you to keep your Owners Club secure. (This will get around the new Data Protection laws as we will hold no personal data)


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