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Title: 2005 2.5TD head and coolant issues
Post by: Ganers on 14 November, 2020, 10:37:03 AM
Hi all.
I searched around but can?t seem to get a grip of this issue. I?ve previously changed the head gasket, had the head skimmed and tested and all was well.
Recently iv had oil in the rad and header tank, tried flushing it with no luck. Now iv had an overheated and fount bubbles in the header tank with lots of hungry oil, it?s like a thick soup! I?m sure the heads gone again.
So I?ve stripped the rad and it?s blocked also full of oily gunge.
Pulled the thermostat which was reasonably clean but wouldn?t open in hot water from a kettle but did finally after being boiled for a few mins in a pan, it?s marked at 86 deg, so not great.
Rad cap doesn?t seem to open up at all but was allowing the bubbles to get into the header tank?
The block has been flushed and looks clean.

I?ve ordered, from millers, head kit, bolts, rad cap, thermostat etc.

However I?m not sure how this has happened, if the oil blocking the raf has caused the issue where has the oil got into the system. Or has the or Thad the head gone causing the oil leading to the overheat.

Just want to make sure I?ve got the issues sorted before putting it all back together so it doesn?t happen again, it?s been a couple of years since I last did the head and low mileage done.

Thanks in advance.